Writer's Block: Time after time
If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

Yea, I always read Robin Cook stories many times, again and again. :)

Writer's Block: 'Tis the season
Do you find the holiday season relaxing or stressful, and why?

Relaxing with the family together and stressful with a lot of work :)

Writer's Block: Expand on this
Where do you draw the line between habit and addiction? What's the longest uninterrupted period of time you spent gaming?

I never play computer games but I spend a lot of time with my PC. Am I addict? :))

Writer's Block: It Was Only A Dream
Have you ever had a dream so certain it happened? What was it?

I had many times and I think everybody has.

Writer's Block: Ice cream isn't cutting it
How long does it take to recover from a broken heart? Is it better to jump back into dating or spend time alone?

It is always better to get over first and start a new relationship later.

Writer's Block: Since you've been gone
Do you keep in touch with any of your exes on LiveJournal or other social networking sites? When an ex friends you, do you usually friend them back? Why or why not?

Yes, why not?

Writer's Block: Ready, steady, read
What is the best book you've read this year, and why?

I read everhing written by Robin Cook, simply because I love him.

Writer's Block: Do you want to know a secret?
Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

Hey, Jude :)
It brings back my young years :)

Writer's Block: Hey, big spender
Should there be limits on how much money a political candidate can spend on an election campaign, and why?

Sure! They spend toooo much!

Writer's Block: Tales of Talladega
From phantom cars to mysterious voices warning of danger, there are many legends surrounding Talladega Superspeedway - do you believe any of the tales?

Nope! I believe only what I can see.


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